Ball sports on campus

Amusement park Tilburg University campus has a new attraction. Of course, we were already blessed with football tables and a fitness bench, but since this summer there is a new addition, two new jeu-de-boules courts.

Image: Jack Tummers

The gravel courts for this French ball sport can be found next to Cube Building. Wine, baguettes or any other essentials you need to bring yourself, but you can leave your balls at home. Those you can borrow from the reception desk in Vigilant Building, the small room under the library stairs.

How pleasant that is becomes clear when you ask for them. Eight heavy steel balls in a wooden box; you do not want to carry that in your backpack from home. And those jeu-de-boules-courts are not just for show. Despite the summer calm on campus, the balls have been borrowed on a regular basis.

Translated by Language Center, Riet Bettonviel


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