Tilburg University energy bill: 6.5 million extra next year

Tilburg University energy bill: 6.5 million extra next year

The energy crisis also affects Tilburg University. A higher energy bill is unavoidable: next year the university expects 6.5 million euros in extra costs. The Executive Board is looking at options for saving.

Image: Arhtur Lambillotte/Unsplash

Dutch universities expect an increase in energy costs of hundreds of millions. Tilburg University has the lowest energy costs of all universities, with an expenditure of only 2.1 million euros in 2021. That is good news, but Tilburg University cannot escape higher energy bills either.

Because the electricity prices for 2022 have been fixed for some time, the cost increase for Tilburg University is still limited this year. Variable rates only apply to gas and heat, which means that approximately 1.5 million in additional costs are expected.

For 2023, the picture looks very different. Then the university also has to pay more for electricity, which means that approximately 6.5 million in extra costs are taken into account.

Temperature down

To save energy, the thermostat goes down by 1 degree. That equates to 19 degrees for the winter period. In the summer there is also 1 degree less cooling. For the short term, the university is still thinking about more appropriate measures. According to the spokesperson, all options are open, as long as they are not at the expense of the quality of education and research, or at the expense of the student.

In October, the Executive Board will discuss the first proposals. Closing buildings earlier and concentrating students more in the evening in only a few study buildings are possible measures.

Energy neutral

In the long term, Tilburg University wants to implement all kinds of saving measures, so that the university will be energy neutral by 2040. For this the university has drawn up the Energy Efficiency Plan.


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