Student Party Front big winner university elections

Front is the big winner in the elections for the University Council and the School Councils. Front wins six of the nine seats in the University Council, the other three go to Student Party SAM.

The election results were very well received by the members of Fractie Front. Image: Jack Tummers

The clouds of smoke have cleared. After a few days of delay the provisional results of the student participation elections have been announced. Overall conclusion: proportions remain largely as they were last year. Front remains the largest party in the university council and, with the Active factions, also in two faculty councils.

The distribution of seats

Just like last year, Front wins six seats in the University Council and SAM wins three. And the distribution of seats in the School Councils also remains largely the same. At the School of Economics, Active TiSEM remains the largest with 5 seats, ECCO retains 2. The new competitive candidate list TEMPO and four independent candidates could not change that.

At the Law School, Vrijspraak succeeds in keeping Active TLS behind them this year as well. Vrijspraak again wins 4 seats, Active TLS the other 3. The third Active seat goes to Antje Beers. Last month she hoped with enthusiastic campaigning for a good result for her party CDA and herself in the Provincial Elections. That didn’t work then, but this seat is in.

Like last year the seats at TSB are divided between the Active TSB and Stimulus factions. 5 seats go to Active and 2 to Stimulus. Two independent candidates failed to put a stick between those wheels.

SAM and Front during the election campaign on campus. Image: Univers

That did happen at humanities. As the only party at that faculty, Active TSHD hoped to win the full prize of 5 seats again. That was excluding Zehra Karakilic. As the only independent candidate, she snatches a seat from the incumbent party and will take a seat on the School Council next academic year.

A student party also participated in Theology this year, namely Student Perspective. But because there are more seats than candidates, no elections were needed for this School.


For the University Council, a total of 3,550 students voted for candidates from Fractie Front and 2,045 for the Student Party SAM. That is less than last year. At 31.45%, turnout is five percent lower than a year ago. According to Renata van Leeuwaarde, vice-chair of the Electoral Committee’s Office, this may be due to a malfunction in the voting application on the first election day. Usually that is when the most votes are cast.

On Tuesday morning, April 11th, the online campaigns were in full swing, the campus was decorated with cheerful campaign stands and full of recruiters informing their fellow students and trying to entice them to vote for their own party. But it was precisely on that morning of the first election day that casting such a vote proved impossible.

Those who wanted to vote were unable to log in to the election site. It took until 2:30 p.m. for the problems to be resolved. Due to the malfunction, the election was extended until Friday morning and it was also decided to double check the results. That is why the announcement of the results was postponed to Tuesday, April 18th. In the end, nothing was wrong with the election results, and Renata van Leeuwaarde was able to announce the results. Those were received with much cheer in parts of the Warande lecture hall.


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