New rooms for international students in monastery on Bredaseweg

New rooms for international students in monastery on Bredaseweg

Rooms for international students will be created in the Notre Dame monastery complex on Bredaseweg/Sint Oloflaan. The complex is owned by housing association WonenBreburg. In anticipation of further development of the complex, it now wants to temporarily rent out sixty-three rooms to international students.

The white monastery on the Bredaseweg. Image: Univers

WonenBreburg bought Notre Dame, also known as the white monastery, two years ago with the idea of eventually converting the complex into apartments and houses. It came with the condition that the nuns and brothers who still live on the site can continue to do so. Their new student neighbors will have to take them into account. Therefore, the rental contracts will include strict rules about, for example, the number of visitors and silence after ten o’clock in the evening.

‘It is different from, for example, a student house in the city centre. You will have to take that into account,’ says spokesperson Eva Boon, ‘but it is a unique place to live.’ The international renters will have dependent rooms with shared facilities such as sanitary and kitchens. ‘We choose this for two reasons. Firstly because of the price, the affordability is better. And also, because we think that the social aspect of living together is very important.’

In any case, the price will be very student-friendly, with an average of 275 euros per month for rooms with an average size of 22 m2. They are scheduled to become available later this year. The distribution will take place via a system that WonenBreburg already uses with Tilburg University. The housing plan will end in a few years when the development of the complex starts. But in the meantime, WonenBreburg is already working on another location, Boon says. They hope to eventually be able to offer about two hundred rooms there.


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