Trucks with emergency goods from Reitse Toren on their way to Ukraine

Trucks with emergency goods from Reitse Toren on their way to Ukraine

Three trucks with emergency goods have left for Ukraine from Reitse Toren. That’s already more than planned. On top of that the fourth and last truck will leave tomorrow.

Beeld: Jack Tummers

A forklift loads the truck with aid supplies for Ukraine. Pallets full of boxes disappear into the loading area. The Ukrainian students who started the emergency aid effort can hardly believe their campaign was so successful.

A week ago five students opened a collection point for emergency aid at Reitse Toren. Goal: to fill one truck and send it to Lviv, where the items will be distributed among Ukrainians. But it turned out a bit better than that.

Yesterday two trucks left for Lviv with a total of 1500 boxes filled with relief supplies. Today a third truck leaves and tomorrow they will fill the fourth and last one.

Beeld: Jack Tummers

New plans

“We quickly understood that we had to adapt,” says Marta, volunteer and student at Tilburg University. “From day one, people just kept coming with stuff. Really fantastic.”

People are still bringing things, even though yesterday was the last collection day. What comes in today can still be taken, but after tomorrow the action is over.

This is not to say that Ukrainian students will now be twiddling their thumbs. “We have new ideas that we would like to implement in the near future,” says Marta. “When the plans are concrete, we will let you know.”

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